All our staff are entitled to the highest quality training and continued professional development and our trust has an established programme of training for every member of staff. We place a very high value on professional learning and development. We know that by inspiring our people to be the best, we drive success for all, and improve life chances for our students. We offer all staff a full range of year-round training courses, workshops, coaching, mentoring and learning days to ensure your continued professional development.

Our approach to professional development is carefully considered. The ‘one size fits all’ method is not one that we operate. Our strategy is focussed and personal.  

  • We train and develop our staff in the areas in which they need and / or desire to develop so that they are as effective as they can be in their role  
  • We recognise potential in our staff, so that we can facilitate the professional development they require to succeed in their careers, able to take their next steps within our trust 
  • We trust our staff. Where they have demonstrated notable abilities, we recognise them and use them to deliver bespoke sessions to their peers. We believe and acknowledge that there is a wealth of expertise within our trust. We share this constantly 
  • We expect our staff to take a lead in developing each other. This occurs through our triad development groups, recently recognised as excellent practice 
  • We use regional and national experts where necessary to ensure that statutory obligations are not only fulfilled, but fully understood and implemented 
  • We are outward facing, seeking to learn from others. We form successful, model networks so that we may pool our resources and undertake joint professional development with other schools.   

All our staff also have access to the following benefits:

  • An employee reward and recognition programme delivered through Perkbox.
  • An Employee Assistance Programme delivered through Health Assured